The Family Wealth Alternative



1. Offering or expressing choice

2. Different from the usual or traditional way in which something is done

In a world of possibilities, there is no shortage of choices—but for a family as unique as yours, there’s usually only one that fits perfectly. We believe that the client experience shouldn’t just evolve alongside the rapidly changing financial landscape; it should be miles ahead.

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In our eyes, we believe that no investor should be held back from achieving their dreams. With this in mind, we designed an alternative to help families across North America access resources reserved for institutional investors without making them feel like a number.

By collaborating with a Portfolio Manager, Family Wealth Advisors are given the time to give you their undivided attention. They go a step further than just asking where you want to be in life; they know when you’ll arrive, how to handle detours, who is coming along for the ride, what the underlying goal is, and most importantly, why it matters.


With the Family Wealth Alternative, your portfolio and
financial plan can take you wherever you want to go.

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